Konnexx are a group of people, based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, making outbound telephone calls, using the Virtual Territory Management method, on behalf of our clients – doing the job of a rep, without the visit, to increase sales and distribution.

We are using the phone as a research tool, data qualification, data cleansing, promotional sell-ins, customer relationship management programs, sales and the management of virtual territories. Our client base consists of such organisations as Mars, Burgess Supafeeds, McVities, Mars Pet Care, Bausch and Lomb – contact lens and solutions manufacturers, Intervet, Boehringer, Johnson & Johnson, 3M Healthcare, Walkers Crisps and Snacks, Danone and United Biscuits to name but a few.

We pride ourselves on quality and the status of our client base. The account director at Walkers Crisps and Snacks, having reviewed the telemarketing industry, chose to work with us because of the “marketing knowledge, flexibility, willingness to learn and the value for money.”


Our philosophy is that a telephone is a marketing tool that compliments the client companies marketing mix. It allows marketers to actually practice what they preach. It is a way of contacting the customer, understanding them better and making sure that the client company is providing them with what they want, profitably.


We run Virtual Territories for various clients. One of these clients, Bausch and Lomb – the contact lens and solutions manufacturer, passed over 2500 of their accounts, some four years ago. These accounts were trading at a level of approximately £400,000. At the end of this year, these same accounts, through our skill and expertise, managing the virtual territory, will do over £3 million pounds worth of business.


Simon Morris
Managing Director
Jeanette Morris
Chief Operations Officer
Nicola Baddeley
Office Manager