Our Values


As a company, we have got together and come up with a set of values that we have agreed to work with. We review these values regularly to make sure we are effectively working with them on a day to day basis. Konnexx’s values are:


We are an organisation that appreciates the value of a good client interaction, team get togethers and relationship building; both amongst ourselves and with our clients and their customers. We meet regularly as a team. We enjoy hitting our targets.


We are passionate about the sales process, our customers and what we do. We are also passionate about our client’s products and the benefits of these products to customers.


We are honest, polite and professional to our clients, their customers and amongst ourselves. In house we communicate to our colleagues with dignity and respect. We maintain company property. We respect the choices of others.


Konnexx takes pride in regularly hitting and exceeding our targets. We achieve this with good communication, our ability to promote products and their benefits, our flexibility, our commitment and shared experiences and our belief in the product.


We are resourceful in the way we give our clients a return on investment. We understand the importance of profitability, but not at the expense of integrity, initiative, optimism, and hard work. We make the best use of time.


We are always thinking, ‘how can we do this better’? We are dynamic, flexible and different in our approach to providing solutions to problems. We use social media to benefit both ourselves and our clients. We bring our Marketing skills to the fore in presentations and the way in which we build with our client’s customers, and ourselves.


We see this value underpinning all the things we do for our clients, how we interact with them and each other.