A Client’s Comments to their Learnings

A Client’s Comments to their Learnings

1. The Database:  The database is a vital sales tool within this project. It allows us to record all previous contact with the customer and also facilitates detailed reporting and analysis.

An example of its flexibility was a number of changes have been made to the database to meet the needs of the trial.  These include:

  • Detailing date of last contact
  • Changing the outlet information questions to make them more useful in driving sales
  • Capturing the Wholesaler name and account number.


2. The Promotional Brief: Konnexx were very proactive in producing a promotional brief that assisted the TM’s to sell the right promotions within the right dates.  This was because we were detailing with a number of different wholesalers whose promotional calendars varied.

3. Training:  The relationship between the client and Konnexx is positive and they are forthcoming in providing information on the products, promotion and company.  Through monthly launches and training we are able to effectively be an extension of their sales force.

4.Promotional Dates:  As the project progressed it became apparent that if the promotion was sold in too far ahead of the date it became active this would have a negative effect – as customers were more likely to refuse delivery. The dates of the calls are now more structured to reduce the time between contact and delivery of stock.

5. Communication:  It was important to liaise with the wholesalers with regards to their delivery areas, whether they welcomed new customers and so on.  We were successful in building up good relationships with the wholesalers that facilitated effective two-way conversation.


The trial has been successful as a cost-effective route to increasing volume via the wholesale channel.  A number of learnings have arisen throughout the trial.  These were positively dealt with and helped improve the performance as time went on.

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