Animal Health Care

Animal Health Care

What we did: Increase in sales of over 20% – beating the sales team

An animal healthcare business approached Konnexx to trial our Virtual Territory Management service. Looking for a way to cost effectively manage the smaller veterinary practices, the client passed over a sales ledger account that was initially data cleansed and qualified.

The data cleanse and qualification established the decision maker, which vet was responsible for the particular products, purchases, buying patterns and which other members of the practice were involved in the purchasing/buying process.

The data cleanse and qualification also established what products within the clients particular product range were currently being stocked.

The client quickly passed over three further sales ledger accounts.

The Results:

The accounts that have been managed saw an  increase of just over twenty percent.  This was almost double to some of the sales reps areas. Having reviewed the process and system, working closely with the client, they decided to treble the number of accounts managed by Konnexx.

Konnexx proved so cost effective that the increased account allocation took in account in Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and also accounts that were trading below a certain level as well as maintaining the accounts that had been bought on  with such stunning growth, in 2010.

“It took us a bit of time to realise how effective Konnexx was going to be. The first few months were testing. We worked extremely closely with Konnexx, who provided detailed monthly analysis and constructive criticism of the work that was being undertaken. Their willingness to be customer focused, create long term relationships and work on our behalf proved highly successful. We ended the year proving that the concept was not only highly cost effective but also set a standard to managing smaller accounts. We have trebled the workload”.

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