Testimonial from Bausch & Lomb

Testimonial from Bausch & Lomb


“When we first entered into a telemarketing contract we were heading into uncharted territory and even some of our own sales force greeted the idea with scepticism.

The results, however, were soon speaking volumes and in the first six months of trading, the team were hitting their sales targets and exceeding them by 11%.

A milestone achievement of £1 million in sales was achieved. This represented significant extra growth and a special recognition award was presented to Simon Morris and the team at the company’s offices.

We were delighted to be able to present another award to the team based on the growth in their account spend relative to other areas of the business.  Behind this sales success is a very reliable team of telemarketers who have shown a remarkable ability to communicate our technical products and services effectively with customers.

The relationship has evolved dramatically. From simple one-off project based calls in the early days, it has developed into a fully integrated part of the sales team.  The name Bausch & Lomb Direct was launched and now the team of telemarketers manage virtual territories, assisted by their fantastic database system.

They are also good people to work with”.

Paul Humphries – Field Sales Manager, Bausch & Lomb (UK) Ltd

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