Vet your calls but don’t lose half of them

Vet your calls but don’t lose half of them


Konnexx works for a major animal health & pharmaceutical company and has done so for 5 years.  Initially helping to sell in products and drugs to smaller accounts, but latterly taking on customer service and technical support for animal health products and drugs.

The requirement was to deliver outstanding service, demonstrating pharmacovigilance and adhering to high customer service standards whilst saving £40k a year.


The existing in house team delivering the customer service function was found to be at 68% efficiency and there were several key issues to be addressed.  The largest issue turned out to be that the company were taking 20,000 customer service and technical product support calls a year but it quickly transpired that there was a dark figure of 20,000 more calls that weren’t being answered, leaving them with 40,000 calls in total.

Half the clients were struggling to get through to the team and the staff weren’t able to respond with enough knowledge. This meant that 60% of phone calls were being transferred to experienced vets in order to get the information the clients required.

But these vets were not employed to answer calls, rather to work in drug development; writing papers, guidance notes and articles, so not only were they being distracted from their important work, but they were also further racking up the cost of providing customer service. Worse, the vets were failing to provide answers, directly affecting pharmacovigilance[1] and distracting vets from their research roles.

There was one instance where an Alsatian was having an adverse reaction on the operating table and by the time he got through to an expert it was too late.

The Outcome:

In three months Konnexx had built a team qualified in veterinary pharmaceuticals ready to take on double the number of calls with twice the efficiency at the same budget. The client saves over £73k a year while freeing their vets to get back to R&D work.

The Konnexx team gives a far superior service at lower cost with clients experiencing a smoother, more user friendly experience when they had a problem with the product. Once the skilled team was set up in Konnexx, they were so efficient that they could take 40,000 calls a year, double what the prior team could take.

Service extensions:

The use of this team of knowledgeable professionals is also well suited to sales engagements and supporting sales teams.  In another cases Konnexx has increased sales by 20%[2] while boosting distribution by 40%[3].  A separate example shows Konnex increasing sales by over £100k[4] in the first month, and over £200k by the third.

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[1] Pharmacovigilance: the practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs after they have been licensed for use, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions.

[2] Increased sales for 20% in animal health products ;


[3] Boosting distribution by 40% +

[4] Making £100K in a month, doubling it in three

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