How is it going to increase my sales?

The service is built around the concept of, “trying to do the job of a rep without the visit”.

Many people try categorising our service into, “telesales or telemarketing” it is a lot more than that.

Our initial data analysis is far more detailed in comparison to an organisation that is simply undertaking telesales or telemarketing. Our segmentation, data analysis and capture of data is part of what we do and this enables us to present your customers with a far more professional, detailed and segmented approach than simply trying to get a sale or glean information. We are building long-term relationships with your customer base.

In addition to the level of sophistication we adopt in making and analysing the calls, we also have a far higher frequency of contact than a rep. A high proportion of our business is making calls to independent/convenience or smaller outlets, or outlets that have a particular niche where a rep might not visit more than two or three times a year. The average call rate on our Virtual Territory is 5.6 times per month. This means in comparison to even a four-week call cycle, we are upping the level of frequency in which your customer hears your name or your brand.

The combination of a higher level of sophistication and an increase in frequency make sure that we can increase your sales. Some clients have seen a five fold increase while others have seen forty percent increase in sales year on year.

How do you increase distribution?

We are quite literally on a daily basis dealing with and analysing data. We understand very many different market places and sectors within market places.

This experience coupled with a willingness to test and monitor processes and procedures in which we contact your customers means that we are able to deliver a very clear increase in distribution.

For one client, launching into the UK, we were able to gain sixty-two percent of the identified market place, taking a sample. The processes and procedures we used actually enabled us to contact the potential buyers; data cleanse and qualify them, send out information, follow it up and confirm the order/taking of the sample.

What time savings can I see?

We take on the responsibility of looking after your customer base.

Over the past few years we have developed a system whereby we take pride in managing the process and procedures to allow us to contact your customers at a given time, understand their needs and wants and present them with the necessary packages/promotions/product offerings. Consequently, you only need to meet us on an agreed timescale and you leave the management of a group of your accounts to us – saving time.

How are you saving me money?

We specialise in Virtual Territory Management, outbound telephone calling and inbound call answering. We often see cost-saving to clients of between twenty-five and thirty percent if they were doing this type of work themselves.

With our Virtual Territory Management system, we are compared to a rep’s visit. In the course of our work, we have heard costs allocated to reps and or agents that range from twenty-five pounds per visit upwards of one hundred and forty pounds per visit. Our Virtual Territory Management comes in at less than ten pounds per account. This means that we could manage an account for an entire year, for less money than one rep’s visit – a huge cost-saving.

Will it offend my customers and potential customers?

We often say to clients that we are not a quick fix method. We like to spend three to four months at least introducing ourselves to clients, making calls, testing and monitoring the processes and procedures, collecting data and creating long-term relationships.

All of our staff are listened into on a regular basis and we emphasise the need for politeness, persistence, empathy, listening, and selling in benefits. We are not irritating your customers; we are building long-term relationships on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

Our costings are based on two criteria – the number of calls that you provide and the length of time that we are on the phone.

Project work; the work that we have that has a definitive number of calls and a definitive timescale is priced differently to Virtual Territory Management – where we are managing groups of accounts on your behalf.

Costings vary from £4.50 per account (not a dialling) excluding vat, up to £15.00 per account, dependent on the volume and activity we have to undertake and the average for Virtual Territory Management is £9.00 ex vat.

For very large numbers of accounts we obviously discuss specific criteria and specific pricing.

Is it a complete service?

Yes, we can provide both inbound and outbound facility.

We also have a browser-based portal offering that allows your customers to look at your latest advert, how they should retail their shop, provides them with certain soft skill information and allows us to present a holistic approach to your customer base. They can go onto the portal and leave messages and we can contact them via email, SMS or phone.

Who have you worked for?

A very wide range of clients. We are very grateful for our client list that includes Mars, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, ICI, GCap Media, Boehringer Ingleheim, Danone Waters, United Biscuits and others.

We work with large multi-nationals as well as small privately run businesses. The common theme is that our clients are looking for a cost effective route to market; a clear and concise way of increasing sales and distribution.

Will you give me references?

Yes, on application.

How many people do you employ?

Our turnover of staff is very low; some members of the staff have been with us since inception and currently employ over twenty people on the phone, the majority of whom have come from a call centre background.

Do I get dedicated staff?

Yes, because we are taking on both project work and Virtual Territory Management, a way of managing your accounts, we have dedicated staff.

When does Virtual Territory Management not work?

We have had occasions where certain brands have not performed the way they should or when a product has been over priced.