Get paid to clean your data!

The Change

GDPR is still causing confusion in some businesses and has changed behaviour in many more.  What is certain is that you need to know more about your retailers to be able to engage with them.

And so begins the catch-22: If you can’t contact them, you can’t update your data!

But there are ways to contact your retailers that don’t risk the wrath of GDPR.  By telephone, for example.

The Brief

One recent example features a major car body shop and restoration product brand for whom we undertook to cleanse and qualify 2000 of their customer accounts where they did not have a clear opt in.

Calling at a rate of 120 per day, four of our Virtual Territory Management (VTM) team made short work of the data cleanse; verifying contact details, obtaining permission for the brand to contact them in the future with promotional offers/updates and asking a series of pre agreed questions to assist future selling opportunities.

The Results

100% of the client’s contacts were contacted with completed records in 89% of cases. Our VTM team also managed to surpass the client brief and use the calls as an opportunity to increase retail sales and develop relationships across the brands all-important smaller retailers, delivering an ROI of 1250%

For every £1000 spent, the client not only received cleaned data but also a sales return of £12,500.

These results are typical of other data cleanse exercises undertaken and it’s a mystery to us why other companies don’t follow the same process.