Data Cleanse & Qualification

Drive Your Promotions

Our data cleanse and qualification service allows you to factually see the type of customers you have, or want to approach, allows you to segment that data, putting specific promotions to specific groups of customers and target them with specific products –  giving you the opportunity to see how each particular category performs.

The Importance Of Accurate Data

Some of our clients simply use us to data cleanse and qualify their account base. The importance of accurate data is paramount. It is one of those blindingly obvious statements and, if you do not know who you are calling, the customer base, its makes increasing sales and distribution that much more difficult.

We can find raw data (the people that we are going to call), can produce relevant questionnaires and can build databases so that we can present you with detailed analysis at the end of the program.

How Clients Use The Service

For one client we recently called all the garden centres in the country and established where they were positioned, their size, how many gondolas they had, what area was outside or undercover, their till systems and lots more. For another client, we called every fish and chip shop in the UK and for another every independent pet retailer.

A business wanting to move into the UK used our services to data cleanse and qualify the entire market place. It then went on to manage groups of accounts.

This detailed analysis allowed the clients to segment their customer base and one client to specifically manage the workflow of a newly appointed sales team.