Inbound Call Handling

Improve Sales Capabilities

Our call handling system is specifically for client companies who want a very personalised service. We are not in the business of leaving the phone ringing, nor are we simply wanting to move the customer off the phone.

We were slightly amazed to read from industry research that, “nearly 50% of those customers making calls to call centres want to be answered quickly and by an operator who understands their particular needs”.

How Clients Use The Service

We recently reduced a client’s call volume by over 10%. Our monthly analysis of calls allowed us and the client to understand the call volume and the reasons why people were phoning and put in necessary procedures and processes linking in with their website that allowed the customer to have a more efficient service as well as dropping call volume.

For another client, we have been taking calls to qualify the customer’s precise requirements. The customers no longer are having to be bounced around the system – our inbound call handling qualifies them, stimulates the necessary action and where appropriate sends out the necessary fulfillment process.

Our inbound call handling can also be linked to third party merchandising outlets.