Telephone Training

Increase Productivity & Quality

Given the company has spent the last ten years developing a successful way of increasing sales and distribution for clients using the telephone, we are often asked to undertake training courses to help companies develop their staff to become successful sales people, using the phone.

Courses For Everyone

Our training course mainly takes place in situ at client premises.

  • VTM – Virtual Territory Management – Dozen
  • All the component parts to preparing the call
  • Managing the gate keeper
  • Delivering relevant messages
  • Dealing with objections
  • Asking for the sale
  • Closing the call


How Clients Use The Service

The training also looks at individuals’ current skill sets, evaluates them and trains the individuals in listening, questioning, empathizing and managing the individual at the end of the phone – all necessary skills to make sure there is a high return on investment in terms of both productivity and quality. The courses are charged out on a daily rate.

Component parts to the call, dealing with the gatekeeper / the opening / questioning / delivery of the message / listening / dealing with objections / empathy / asking for the order / the close / action / admin / the environment / the workplace.