Virtual Territory Management

Create Better Relationships

Virtual Territory Management is a groundbreaking method that provides businesses with an extremely cost effective and successful way of generating increased income from less profitable customers.

Companies who apply the 80/20 rule i.e. 20% of the account base providing 80% of the business; often find that they are frustrated by lack of resource to deal with the entire customer database. This lack of resource leads to existing customers not being dealt with in an effective manner and the sales force having little time to deal with lesser accounts and little time to prospect for new business.

Cost-Effective Client Management

Our Virtual Territory system allows the existing sales force to create better relationships with their existing customers.  We then manage those customers who do not warrant face-to-face visits by phone.

Our Virtual Territory Management system provides those accounts being managed with:

  • A direct contact with your business
  • Increased sales
  • The opportunity to ring fence customers from competition
  • A way to glean competitor information
  • A way to fill in vacant territories

Because Virtual Territory Management is so cost effective, calls can be put into existing and potential customers at a time that they prefer.

Benefits To VTM

Here are just some of the key benefits that clients have experienced from using Virtual Territory Management:

The sales team can cost from £30.00 to over a £100.00 every time they call on an account. Virtual Territory Management system can manage a group of accounts from £8.00 per account depending on call volume and length of time on the phone.

Single Database:
We pride ourselves in the ability to collect data. Understanding the customer base is key. The single database method within Virtual Territory Management allows telemarketers to keep track of relevant individuals, their likes and dislikes, the products on sale and competitive products within an outlet.

The database is consistently policed and designed in a customised way so that each client benefits from the relevant pieces of information.

Increase Sales:
By using the Virtual Territory method, one of our clients, over a three-year period, have seen their sales increase fivefold.

Saves Time:
The telephone can contact large numbers of customers quicker than sales people making visits.

Quickly Picking Up on Market Trends:
Virtual Territory Management allows us to contact large numbers of clients quickly. This feeds back any particular trend that much more quickly.