The Market Is Nuts


Successful marketing campaigns are usually associated with big risk and big budgets.  So securing success from a campaign is vital.  When a campaign requires you to quickly target the whole of your massive customer base one to one, the task can feel overwhelming and the risk of under delivering increases dramatically.

So how to ensure the success of a “must win” campaign?

Primary market research can be used to discover consumer requirements prior to product launch.  You can then define key market segments to target with your main expenditure, avoiding having to target your whole base.  But this market research and analysis is not easy to do in house.  Step forward Konnexx…


Konnexx works for this major crisps and snacks company and has done so for 9 years. Initial discussions centred on how the Konnexx skillset could be used to bring a new nuts brand to market in a way that would challenge the unrivalled market leading nuts brand.


We set up a team of 9 Konnexx staff who were so efficient they could handle nearly 70,000 outbound calls a year.  This team undertook market research on over 65,000 outlets across the UK to allow targeting of a smaller subset of retailers for this nuts brand launch. As a result, the team were able to make follow up calls with an introductory offer of the newly branded nuts; including a free clip strip, discussing samples and ship out the new product while entering into a new market almost all at once.

Konnexx provided regular updates and access to data so the crisps and snacks brand could keep track of the campaign progress daily and weekly; how many cases  sold and into how many outlets across the UK.  Konnexx was also able to offer valuable insights into how the brand was perceived by their market.

The results were astonishing.  The nuts brand took off establishing this brand as a major player in the market!  Target were exceeded and the brand delighted.  Because an external agency had undertaken the launch, we were able to accurately understand and control costs with the cost of sale being only one tenth of the total order value.

This is one example of how any brand can use an unusual sales process – Virtual Territory Management to research their target market, identify their buyer profile, then use fully trained retail sales staff to sell the product and get feedback from both the samples and selling promotions.

Simon Morris, the managing director of Konnexx said “I can’t even imagine the searching, calling and selling a new product to nearly 3000 retail outlets without using a telephone based VTM approach. It would have taken years by putting reps in cars!”

“I struggle to think of a more efficient way of selling in and proving a new product for a major brand such as we did in this case. To the extent that this snack brand is now 3rd biggest brand in its market from a standing start, without even an initial glimpse of who would purchase.”