There’s no Sale in Wholesale

Would you agree Wholesalers are responsible for selling your products to retailers?

In theory, yes, but in practice, no.

Our market places are changing and in particular the way in which we get our products to market. Ask any manufacturer if they thought Online sales would be as big as they are today, ten fifteen years ago, and the answer would most probably have been ‘No’, So with a changing Market and multiple ways of getting our products to Market – what is the best way and what role does today’s Wholesale channel play?

Konnexx – an award winning Sales and Marketing Agency, has dealt with a series of International Brands and smaller Start-Ups over the last twelve years and the although the answer to our posed question; Would you agree Wholesalers are responsible for selling our products to retailers? Is still a “yes’, it is not such a definite ‘Yes’ now. Wholesale is a channel that needs to be stimulated just like all the other routes to market that are available to the modern brand.

One example is that of a leading crisps and snacks company who thought they could rely solely on the Wholesale channel to get to their customers in the Market Place.

As soon as market research was undertaken the Company found that the database of customers was not accurate, the benefits of their products were not being translated to the retailers and they were competing against Brands outside of their Category because the Wholesale reps had their own preferences and were better incentivised by another brand to up-sell chocolate products.

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This example and countless others leads Konnexx to suggest that you should not solely rely on wholesalers to do your selling. The Wholesale channel should make up a mix of how you maximise your return on investment to increase sales and distribution by accepting the need for a dedicated, brand trained, client focussed sales team with the interest of both the brand and retailer at heart.