Where’s the value in retail relationships?

Let’s face it, the thought of trying to build a relationship with every corner shop, coffee house or online outlet that should be stocking your products sits somewhere between laughable, impossible and impractical.

But what if it were even possible, what benefit would you get for your effort?

Think about it for a moment… if you had a relationship with all your current and potential retail outlets would this help you?  There are many benefits you may get:

Intelligence. Knowing exactly what your retailers like & dislike; who their typical customers are; what space they have available; and so on, gives you the power to support them with the best products that suit their location and market and target your promotions to areas of interest to them.

Then there is the whole “big data” benefit.  If you know lots about all your retailers, you can analyse that data to spot trends and plan campaigns.

Competitor Advantage.   If you have a relationship with a retailer, they are more likely to stock your products.  People buy from people.

More sales & more distribution.  However you measure it, retailers selling more of your products is a good thing.

You can come up with plenty of other benefits.  But we’re talking fantasy here, building a relationship with thousands of small retailers is tough.  A few large multiples are easy – just send out a rep.  But a rep can’t visit a few thousand smaller retailers.

This could be a good point to mention Virtual Territory Management.  Doing what your reps do face to face but over the phone.  Not telemarketing!  But consistent telephone relationship development and maintenance using all the systems and material the reps use just over the phone.

Setting up a Virtual Territory Management (VTM) team from scratch could be daunting, but Konnexx has done the hard work and built a team of people that can be dedicated to a product or brand as needed.  It’s a virtual team alongside your reps.

VTM can give you a relationship with all your retailers and the benefits that flow from that relationship at a surprisingly low cost.

Other brands you know are already using VTM, so maybe this is a good time to take a look yourself?  We’d love to share some of the successes we have achieved with you.