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Customer Connections and Outsourcing to VTM

In 12 months outsourcing pre-sell activity to VTM has saved an estimated £73,000 & driven an additional 119k SKU’s

Who are Konnexx?

A telemarketing agency who provide a number of resources including:

  • Customer Helpline Management
  • Database Management
  • Pre-sell Activity
  • Data Cleansing

Why Use Us?

Provides additional sales resource at a minimum cost that can be ramped up/down in line with specific activity = Enhanced execution & release resource centrally to focus the bigger opportunities.[/vc_column_text]

Our pre-sells save money & drive more volume than using the WSL IDR resource

Through negotiation we also manage the following resources:-

  • Process all pre-sell transfer orders
  • Cleanse all databases
  • Maintain & manage all databases centrally making them available on line
  • Analyse field sales coverage and compliance results
Average% Conversion Rate 39% 73%
Av. No. cases Per Call 69
Av. £'s per Call. Cases Per Call £45£68
Case's per £ 1.64.7
% Investment Rate 8%2%

Pre-sells Increase distribution of NPD by virtually 60% & core distribution by almost 40%

Effect on Pre-sell

% Unit distribution of NPD

Pre-sell activity drove distribution or NPO by 58% accross accounts

Our Pre-selling drove weekly sales by 3 7% by focusing on core Customer range & Availability

Effect on Pre-sell

Av. Weekly Case Sales

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