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Company Profile

Cost-effective Sales and Marketing

Who We Are

Konnexx is an expert-led agency with one aim: to create and deliver a range of cost-effective sales and marketing plans that speak to your existing clients, attract new business, strengthen brand awareness and guarantee success.

Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their sales and marketing targets, and we’re passionate about what we do. Right from the moment we step on board you can relax, knowing our full support is behind you.

Our Solutions

From tele-marketing support and training to business planning and our ground-breaking ‘VTM’ client management system, our team of experienced, professional sales and marketing experts are help to help you.

Company Overview

Cost-effective sales and marketing… it’s our team’s mission to reach out to your existing client base and attract new business, while building brand awareness and establishing trust. We’re here to help your sales force become as efficient as possible – freeing them up to do what they do best while we virtually recreate the traditional face-to-face client relationship, managing your accounts and giving your customers the personal touch they need to feel valued.

We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their cost-effective sales and marketing targets, and we’re passionate about each other. Right from the moment we step on board you can relax, knowing the full support of a friendly, knowledgeable team is right behind you.

Our business is your business, and we have a proven track record of being able to tailor our sales and marketing approach to drive your results, whatever field you’re in. We’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting your team while growing and managing your client base, upping sales, building long-term relationships on your behalf and offering a quality, professional service.

Konnexx - Cost-Effective Sales and Marketing

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Vet Practices Being Supported

Proven Track Record

Our results speak for themselves! From global companies to local businesses, we offer a full range of expert-led sales and marketing services across a range of sectors.

Virtual Territory Management

Our ground-breaking client management system is here to help you. By phone, by email and via webinars, we’ll virtually recreate the traditional face-to-face client relationship, building trust and winning you extra business. READ MORE

In-Depth Data Analysis

Our data cleanse and qualification service allows you to quickly assess which type of customers you have, or want to approach, and segment that data – targeting specific promotions or products to specific groups. READ MORE

Telephone Sales Training

We’ve spent the best part of 20 years honing our sales and marketing approach by phone, and our telephone sales training courses will assess, evaluate and train your staff – arming them with the skills they need to be a success. READ MORE

Monitoring Services

Our associate company can provide a sophisticated software package to monitor customer satisfaction and identify what training is needed at an individual level to boost your sales and marketing approach. READ MORE

Mystery Shopper

Our mystery shopper calls allow you to evaluate whether or not your customers understand your product and approve of your service. Our expert feedback will help you hone your marketing approach and boost sales. READ MORE

Business Planning

Talk to our team about how we can help you come up with a concise, specific business plan that ensures you know your market, understand what customers want, are aware of your competition and can deliver a clear financial overview. READ MORE

Account Based Marketing

Do your customers need a little extra TLC? We can help you identify and nurture your key accounts and develop a smart approach to drive profitability, strengthen customer relationships, build rapport and grow sales revenue. READ MORE

Inbound Call Handling

Customers making calls to call centres want to be answered quickly and by an operator who understands their particular needs – and our highly trained contact centre representatives can fulfil this need and more. READ MORE

Promotional Sell-In

It goes without saying that your product needs to be in the right place, at the right time – with our sales & marketing agency expertise we can help you achieve this objective and ensure every promotion is a success. READ MORE

Meet Our Core Team

Simon, Jeanette and Nicola lead our experienced team of sales and marketing experts…

Simon Morris

Managing Director

Jeanette Morris

Chief Operations Officer

Nicola Baddeley

Office Manager

What Our Clients Say

Everyone loves positive feedback, and we’re no exception! Here’s just a taste of what our clients have to say…

Jackie Sykes

As a result of the sessions we have a clearer sales strategy and a much better elevator pitch. You have also helped us review some potential businesses we were considering buying. We respect and appreciate your entrepreneurial thinking, business judgements and commercial mind-set.

Jackie Sykes

Director - www.sixthsenseconsulting.co.uk
Paul Humphries

A milestone achievement of £1 million in sales has been achieved. This represented significant extra growth and a special recognition award was presented to Simon Morris and the team at the company’s offices.

Paul Humphries

Field Sales Manager, Bausch & Lomb (UK) Ltd
Roberta Babs

I have Engaged one of the Members of the team to work with the Human Resources Payroll and Finance Functions to Resolve Some Open Issues that has plagued the company since the Go-Live over a year ago. I Highly Recommend it to All of you

Roberta Babs

Director, IT & Global Applications

Affiliated Companies

Part of the Konnexx family… Pis ut optis idelit quibusam, tet quatet estio optiur, offictur?

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